Your Golden Ticket to Health

So my obsession with health continues, and although I’ve considered myself a health crazed individual for about 6 years now, due to recent events with my moms health, I’ve decided to really take it into full blown hypocondriac mode. I’ve embarked on a journey – a long, depriving, and major test of self control, kind of journey, to […]

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ICU Gotta Be Kidding Me.

‘Misery’ is an understatement when describing the feeling you get knowing a loved one isn’t well. ‘Surrealism’ helps explain the situation, but even then – it’s hard to comprehend. Last week I spent almost 6 days in the ICU with my mother and it was the most miserable and surreal week of my entire life. That sounds dramatic, but […]

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The “Vaco”

I’m obsessed with tacos – not just because I live in Texas, but because they’re all pretty “Damn Good” – Torchy’s. I’m also slightly obsessed with making not-so-healthy meals into healthy works of art. That being said, I created the “Vaco”. Simply put, it’s a vegan taco with all the same spicy and queso-y goodness. […]

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Vegan Queso FTW

So I’ve been on one lately with the whole vegan thing and more than a few friends of mine think I’ve completely lost it -but sometimes making the same ole food gets pretty boring and I like to spice things up a bit – or make them healthier – same thing. I made this BOMB […]

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Docs on Deck

A good read should always be on your to-do list, but these days documentaries are the name of the game – especially ones related to health. Just watching one puts you ahead of everyone else who’s plopped down watching Housewives – not to say I don’t enjoy a good Bravo binge, but every once in a […]

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Peace Out, 2016

This year has been extra… and by extra I mean extra fun, extra awful, and extra full of surprises. Not only has Mercury been in retrograde the whole damn time, but if that wasn’t throwing you ‘off’ something else probably was. With nothing but a bright future ahead (fingers crossed), we’re hoping 2017 brings us […]

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