Hi! Chelsea Bucklew here – welcome!

Why am I here?

My love for health, wellness, and all things food – and my passion to share it with you! Being from Austin, I’m pretty weird and pretty active – my dad and I workout together religiously and I have a really hard time staying still. Cooking is also a huge part of my life and eating IS life, so stay tuned for tons of recipes that I’m excited to share as well! I’m 90% vegan, 10% everything else. I figure if everyone has some sort of food intolerance these days, most of you will be able to enjoy my recipes without any issues if they stay predominately plant-based. So dig in, they’re gonna be great!

My Message:

“You only live once” is as much of a cliché as it is true – I’m a firm believer in living your best life and doing what suits you – desk jobs aren’t for everyone and that’s OK. If you’re not happy with what you do, you’ll never be happy with who you are (deep, I know).

Mind, body, and soul are all managed differently, and when one is off, the rest are too – which ends up taking a huge toll on your health. Taking care of yourself requires more than monetary abundance but also good health and a good perspective – and that’s what I’m saying to you.

Slow down + enjoy – life’s too short to hurry!