ICU Gotta Be Kidding Me.

‘Misery’ is an understatement when describing the feeling you get knowing a loved one isn’t well. ‘Surrealism’ helps explain the situation, but even then – it’s hard to comprehend. Last week I spent almost 6 days in the ICU with my mother and it was the most miserable and surreal week of my entire life.

That sounds dramatic, but it’s true. I still can’t fully wrap my head around the situation because it all happened so fast. Imagine colonoscopy segue ruptured colon, turned into emergency surgery – days in the ICU filled with blood transfusions, lung draining, low hemoglobin, x-rays, drugs on drugs on drugs and bolus after bolus. 10 years off me and my dads lives later – we’re home.

Yeah, it was pretty miserable.

Health is so important y’all – SO important. When it comes to unexpected health scares that are completely out of your control, your overall state of health truly comes into play. Being “too busy” isn’t an excuse anymore – put down your phone and go to the gym.

I’m writing this post to emphasize the utmost importance of overall health, and hoping you’ll pass it along to those you love – and then they pass it along too. Everything you do now for your body can and will help you later. I can’t stress this enough. Had my mom not already been a generally healthy person, her complications could have become much more than just complications. Our bodies are intelligent AF – they can compensate accordingly with the right resources and the right tools. Prevention is greater than it’s counterpart – trust me. 

Take care of yourself – shit get’s real, real quick. 


Photo cred: my moms fluid filled lungs


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