Peace Out, 2016

This year has been extra… and by extra I mean extra fun, extra awful, and extra full of surprises.

Not only has Mercury been in retrograde the whole damn time, but if that wasn’t throwing you ‘off’ something else probably was. With nothing but a bright future ahead (fingers crossed), we’re hoping 2017 brings us more than just a “new you”.

That being said, I know that regardless of your vote in this election cycle, 4-8 years is kind of a long time and although it may feel like an eternity, it’s not.

I know that going cold-turkey, vegan on January 1st probably isn’t very likely and I also know that traveling to 15 new remote destinations before next Christmas might be a bit steep too. So – lets set some realistic goals we can commit to without losing our money and our minds.

Here are 3 simple goals you can set for yourself to potentially and actually be the person you’ve always wanted to be.

1. Set goals – setting goals is a goal in itself. It takes effort, organization, and more importantly – it takes time. May they be small and mighty. Do it.

2. Save your money – we’re all broke, literally, all of us. Saving $20 here or there isn’t going to kill you. Get a jar, or maybe just actually utilize your bank account, but start saving. Living paycheck to paycheck won’t be nearly as fun when you have two kids – they have to eat too.

3. Get Healthy – and no, I don’t mean lose 15 lbs, I mean GET HEALTHY. Eat green veggies, cut back on sugar, watch a documentary or two (forks over knives for the win), COOK MORE, and start moving your body. As a 20-something-year-old, I know my health is slowly, but surely declining. Doing a little now will go a long way when all your friends are getting hip replacements and you’re learning the 2040 version of the cupid shuffle.

2017 has got to be our year given everyone’s still so confused as to wtf happened in 2016. Let’s get our shit together and actually do things. It’s really not as hard as it seems.


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